Ford F-250 4x2 or 4x4

Standard Cab 142-inch Wheelbase


6.2L EFI V8

385HP - 430 lb - FT Torque


HD Towing Package


Performance and Versatility

Built on an F-250 chassis, EZPower is the heavy-duty option of the EZTow Assist line up.

EZPower is engineered to deliver peak torque at lower rpm and generates high torque throughout the midrange of the power band.

The 6.2L engine is teamed up with the TorqShift®G 6-speed transmission to deliver a robust 12,500 lb tow rating and a best-in-class maximum 3,953 lb payload rating.

The low line body of the F-250 is the perfect light service and battery delivery vehicle.

The EZPower utility body offers a storage system that is lightweight, secure, and corrosion resistant.

Multipurpose Utility Body

EZTow Assist Battery Pod

EZTow Assist's multipurpose utility body converts a Ford F-250 pick-up into a fully equipped roadside service vehicle.

Capable of carrying:

• Up to 40 batteries
• Air compressor
• Light-service tools
• Roadside jump pack
• EV Charger

EZTow Assist's multipurpose utility body offers a storage system that is lightweight, secure, rustproof, and capable of carrying up to 2,000 pounds.

Copolymer Body

EZTow Assist's multi-purpose utility body offers a cost effective alternative to a traditional fiberglass topper. The Copolymer Body performs in the harshest environments with ergonomic storage for Battery Service Providers.

With high impact resistance and a lightweight design, the EZTow Assist utility body outlasts and outperforms its fiberglass equivalent.

Doesn't Crack or Dent

The use of copolymer means that most impacts can be absorbed and return to shape with little or no damage. This ensures the vehicle is able to remain in service, reducing down time and maintenance costs.


With great attention to door design and airflow, the utility body remains dry in inclement weather, protecting cargo and equipment.

Life Expectancy

The Copolymer Body has a life expectancy of 15 years and can be repurposed in like-for-like vehicles, offering long-lasting value.

Key Benefits

Impact Resistance
Absorbs significant impacts without cracking or denting.

Lightweight Body
Combined with its clever design, the Copolymer Body offers decreased weight and increased payload.

Low Maintenance
Offers significant savings due to very low
maintenance costs.
Easy to Repair
If damaged, the affected area is easy to repair. Typically, it can be welded back together quickly.

Chemical Resistance
Resistant to corrosive materials.
Cost of Ownership
The combined benefits of the Copolymer Body reduce down time and maintenance costs for an
overall reduction in the cost of ownership.

100% Recyclable
100% recyclable and uses less energy to recycle than traditional materials, reducing your carbon footprint.

Mobile EV Charger by Original LTD

*Currently unavailable

A bespoke 5kW generator

230V (3 phase), 12.5 A per phase


230Vac, 21 Amps

Compliant to IEC61851 for EV communications

12V throttle control activation signal


12V switched live (fused-20A)


Throttle control - vehicle specific

Handbrake signal


IEC61851 EV conductive charging international standards

Low voltage directive - 2014/35/EV

EMC directive - 2014/30/EV

CE marked