Ford T-350 Mid-Roof Cargo Van

with 148-inch Wheelbase


3.7L TIVCT V6 Engine

275 HP - 260 lb - FT Torque


HD Towing Package

*Rapid Deployment Trailer (RDT)


Performance and Versatility

EZForce is the medium-duty platform of the EZTow Assist line up. Built on a Ford T-350 Mid-Roof cargo body.

EZForce is designed to offer an all-in-one roadside service solution, complete with lockout tools, a Rapid Deployment Trailer (RDT) for towing, and capacity to carry 40 batteries.

With a 6-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive (AWD) to balance torque between the front and rear wheels.

EZForce offers enhanced handling and maximum traction to ensure a sure-footed roadside service vehicle.

With a combined weight rating of 10,800-pounds, a towing capacity of 3,500 - lb and a max payload of 3,992-lb.

EZForce can transport cars and small-to-midsize SUVs, to a destination within 30 miles.

If the customer's vehicle cannot be fixed onsite, EZTow Assist's Rapid Deployment Trailer (RDT) provides the capability to tow the vehicle to their home or a nearby auto repair shop. Using state of-the-art equipment, the RDT folds completely into the cargo bay of the EZForce, fully deploying in only two minutes.
With the capability to transport cars and small-to-midsize SUVs, EZTow Assist's RDT reduces, and often eliminates, the need to dispatch a tow truck, saving time and money while enhancing the customer experience.
The onboard winch assists with the deployment of the RDT, as well as loading the inoperable vehicle onto the trailer. Most vehicles are ready to transport within 10-minutes of arrival on scene. The innovative steering of the RDT ensures excellent handing and tire life for the rig.