Mobile EV Charger by Original LTD

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A bespoke 5kW generator

230V (3 phase), 12.5 A per phase


230Vac, 21 Amps

Compliant to IEC61851 for EV communications

12V throttle control activation signal


12V switched live (fused-20A)


Throttle control - vehicle specific

Handbrake signal


IEC61851 EV conductive charging international standards

Low voltage directive - 2014/35/EV

EMC directive - 2014/30/EV

CE marked

How Does Charge Pod Work

Three main components make up the EV Charge Pod system. With Original LTD 25 years’ experience and Engineering expertise the designing and manufacturing of first class, OE standard products lent perfectly to the creation of Charge Pod.

1st Major Component = Engine Mount Kits = The Mechanical and Finite Element Analysis engineers design specific engine mount kits to mount the bespoke Charge Pod Generator. Ensuring durability and lifetime quality, applying the same attention to detail the vehicle manufacturers undergo in their designs are replicated in our mount kits.

2nd Component = RPM controller = The RPM controller is designed to very slightly pick up the patrol vehicle engine revs to spin the generator at the correct speed required to produce the correct level of power when the Charge Pod is activated.

When the charging process has finished and the Charge Pod box de-activated the RPM of the vehicle drops back to idle.

3rd Major Component = The Charge Pod = The Charge Pod is where all the communication happens between the Charge Pod system and the flat electric vehicle. Without the Charge Pod you can not simply give power to a flat electric vehicle as the communications between the Pod and EV are vital to enable the charging process.

With a multilingual LCD screen, the user can see the charging process such as charging times, how much power is being drawn and how much power has been delivered to the flat EV.